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Our Vision

Corporations, consumers and communities of common interest clearly value the benefits of spontaneous interaction and shared knowledge as they address diverse communications needs for presentations, training, content delivery and collaboration. 1stWorks’ solutions combine the immediacy of multimedia access with the secure transfer of data in the most efficient manner possible, making hotComm ideally suited to delivering improved efficiency while reducing costs. 1stWorks powerful software delivers a rich feature set while leveraging existing desktop hardware and connectivity investments to achieve those goals.


The 1stWorks network, with its flexible system architecture and powerful data compression technology, is the foundation for hotComm, our platform for secure real time interactive communications and collaboration solutions.

HCDC (hotComm Data Compression) outperforms the current leader in business graphics compression technologies by up to 35%. This level of efficiency is a key advantage in delivering "lossless" images, faithfully replicating every pixel in full color, on multiple displays using a standard Internet connection.

IMC (Internal Management Code) the real time kernel code that manages the use of desktop resources and Internet bandwidth. Session resources are "dynamically time sliced" between the various content, communications and media services allowing low-bandwidth users an opportunity to participate effectively in hotComm sessions. Services that can tolerate fewer cycles are given a lower priority than those, such as Voice over IP, which require consistent bandwidth and CPU availability.

HCCP (hotComm Communications Protocol) is a very compact, secure, and efficient application layer protocol that works with the Internet's underlying TCP transport protocol to deliver encrypted data to connected users in a fast and efficient way. This allows a single CPU relay server to support thousands of connected users in a real time multimedia communications session.

VNS (Virtual Network Server) is a dynamic name server that provides location services to hotComm clients. User addressing is independent of any specific IP address or system name i.e email address. A hotComm user can move their PC or laptop to any Internet location yet still be "visible" to other authorized hotComm users. The VNS provides not only the location services but also performs system signon authorization and authentication, as well as presence detection, status awareness and connection profiling.

Patented Data Compression Technology

Quantized Indexing, our patented algorithm for entropy coding, provides a clear performance advantage in any application requiring a reduction in the size of the compressed data, a reduction in the execution time of the compression process or a reduction in the power requirements for the processor and is consistently outperforming the best implementations of Huffman and Arithmetic coders currently available in both compression ratio and execution speed. The performance advantage of Quantized Indexing is even more pronounced on the lower powered processors typically found in portable devices, such as PDAs, media players, cell phones and digital cameras.

For a general introduction to Quantized Indexing please read the Management Summary.

For more detailed information, please visit Quantized Indexing: Technical Information. which contains a series of Technical Reports describing the mathematical foundation of Quantized Indexing. This page also includes a link to download the source code of a sample program for independent research and testing to confirm our test results.

Please read the Compression Background Document for references to published material about Compression, Enumerative Encoding and Combinatorial Mathematics.

Please direct any questions or licensing inquiries concerning 1stWorks Compression Technology to: or call 508-828-8080.