Quantized Indexing: Technical Information

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R. V. Tomic     Fast, optimal entropy coder
Introduction to Enumerative Coding, lattice walks & QI  for programmers
1stWorks TR04-0815, 52p, Aug 2004


R. V. Tomic    Quantized indexing: Background information
General EC/QI, comparison with Arithmetic Coding, EC/QI Modeling pattern
1stWorks TR05-0625, 39p, Jun 2005


R. V. Tomic    Quantized Indexing: Beyond Arithmetic Coding
Concise, formal intro to QI, Sliding Window Integers, QI vs. AC test results
arXiv  cs.IT/0511057, 10p, Nov 2005
TR05-1115DCC/06 Poster

Source Code

Quantized Indexing & Enumerative Coding Research Kit  (C, win32):  QI  Version 1.03

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