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1stWorks Windows solutions are built on hotComm, our platform for secure real time interactive communications and collaboration. These solutions support a wide range of collaborative business and community functions, including the real time presentation and sharing of text, data, applications, voice over IP, still images, full motion video, co-browsing, whiteboard markup, Web content presentation and the provision of remote control.

These multimedia capabilities dramatically improve the effectiveness of spontaneous interaction in corporate desktop collaboration, in customer relationships, in distance learning, in consumer communities and in global content distribution. The various multimedia capabilities are delivered on the desktop through a range of powerful hotComm clients from hotComm Lite to hotComm Presenter Pro Plus while the Virtual Network Server is the focal point for server based location and presence management. The desktopJava applet is simply called from any browser connection while Dynamic Desktop enables secure application sharing between desktops as well as remote control of any PC.

The hotComm Content Relay Manager is an unattended, server based, implementation of hotComm, which re-broadcasts real time content, originating from individual hotComm users anywhere, to a global audience and also supports private or public virtual rooms with multiple active presenters and participants.

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More recently, 1stWorks has introduced OnlineTraderCentral, built on hotComm, our platform for secure real time interactive communications and collaboration, to provide an exciting and powerful new virtual venue for sharing ideas and techniques among our global base of Futures Trading customers.

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PC2Me+ 5.0 now available for download to your Windows PC - (and purchase for your iDevice at the: Apple iTunes AppStore) with performance improvements PLUS an optional upgrade to Cams2Me+, our powerful new home and office Surveillance and Security extension. For more information, please see our corresponding product sites: &

Most recently, 1stWorks has combined the technology in its OnlineTraderCentral solutions with its PC2Me remote access services, creating hotCast, real time content delivery from OnlineTraderCentral events on your tablet or smartphone, exciting and powerful new access for the mobile world.

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