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Virtual Convention Center

eTradeShowsOnline, a new concept in online marketing by 1stWorks Corp., surpasses traditional trade show events by providing greater reach, frequency, and flexibility to prospects and customers than traditional marketing venues. Overcoming the many challenges of conducting face-to-face meetings in today’s Global Economy now has a solution - eTradeShowsOnline.

This next generation interactive online marketing product combines the power of Real-Time communications with the immediacy of interactive marketing. Corporate Marketing, Product Managers, Sales and Training professional and organizations within small, medium and enterprise companies can add eTradeShowsOnline to their existing marketing plans or base their entire marketing program with no impact to resources.

eTradeShowsOnline provides all of the software and resources needed to host an online trade show. A pre-show registration system for tracking attendee signups, a custom Exhibition hall with links to the exhibitors and presenters, 24/7 exhibitor booths, multi-media enable presenter rooms, classrooms for training, private sessions for one-to-one conferences and a complete customer tracking and reporting system are all included in the eTradeShowsOnline solution. Costs for a show start at $5,000 and includes 10 customizable exhibitor booths. A general purpose multi-media enabled presentation room that can support thousands of attendees and multiple presenters is also included. Product training for the show host, presenters and exhibitors is provided by 1stWorks. During the show, 1stWorks will provide live support to attendees and show participants. Recording and archiving of events is optional.

Companies, prospects and customers have raved about their eTradeShowsOnline experience. For more information about eTradeShowsOnline or to read some of the hundreds of user reviews and view our library of archived events, please visit