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1stWorks Corporation creates products developed with 1stWorks technology in several business segments. The links presented here take you to the Download page for those products.

hotComm Family

The hotComm family includes the hotComm Content Relay Server, hotComm Standard/Pro, hotComm Lite, hotComm CL and a hotComm Java applet.

  • The hotComm Content Relay Server is a central-server based implementation, where many hotComm clients can connect to ongoing multi-media chat rooms.
    Contact hotComm Sales at 508-877-9973 or for download, purchase and settings.

  • hotComm Standard/Pro is a full-featured client for moderators, presenters and general users. It also includes peer-to-peer capability for direct interaction with other hotComm Standard/Pro installations as client and server.
    Download hotComm Standard/Pro Buy hotComm Standard or hotComm Pro license

  • hotComm Lite is a reduced-feature, reduced-cost, client for users.
    Download hotComm Lite Buy hotComm Lite license

  • hotComm CL is designed for use in scheduled webinars, where quick, free access is important. It has a mix of features for moderators, presenters, or users, depending on the password used. hotComm Cl is available in English and Spanish.
    Download hotComm CL

  • The hotComm Java applet is a basic, free implementation of the 1stWorks technology using the Java platform. Users can see, hear, and type, but cannot present.
    Try the Java applet

hotComm website:


PC2Me is an App which enables you to control your Windows computer remotely from an iPhone, an iPad or any other computer with a Safari browser.

  • The PC2Me Server is installed on your Windows computer and you connect securely to it via the Internet or from within your network.
    Download PC2Me Server Buy PC2Me Server options

  • The PC2Me+ app runs on your iPhone or iPad. You purchase and download it directly from the Apple iTunes App Store and it includes many additional features, such as access to multiple monitors and web cams that go beyond the competition.

  • PC2Me+ at the iTunes App Store Buy PC2Me-Plus App

  • The Safari interface allows you to access your PC2Me Server through a Safari browser from any computer. It requires a purchased Safari option license for your PC2Me Server.

Online Trader Central - Continuing Education For Traders

  • OnlineTraderCentral provides a series of webinars hosted on hotComm Content Relay Servers, with people joining primarily with the hotComm CL or hotComm Java clients. Users register through an online scheduling system, and are sent links for joining the event at the scheduled time.

  • For a list of events, see

    To discuss becoming a presenter, contact hotComm Sales at 508-877-9973 or email