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Cost-effective Internet conferencing can bring the World to your PC with hotComm Webcast technology. The most cost-effective and complete online solution for delivering presentations to large groups is now available as a Pay-for-Use service from 1stWorks. Management presentations, financial analysts, product engineers, marketing professionals, and organizational leaders can all benefit for this unique and innovative Webcast solution.

The hotComm Webcast system includes an event registration and attendee management system that allows your promotion efforts to multiply by providing unique access links for each of your marketing partners or promotional sites. Each registered attendee is assigned a unique ID that sends automated confirmation and reminder messages before the event. Real-time tracking of attendee flow increases your chances for hosting a successful event, add that to the attendee Show/No Show results log and your sales force will have a new prospect list to help close new business.

With just one click you and your audience are connected via a secure, fast, reliable, private network. No need to use a costly outside conferencing service or dial phone numbers. With hotComm you get On-Demand VoIP voice, Real-time presentation tools even live video conferencing, right from your desktop. Attendees connect with a Java-based interface that requires no downloads or special firewall configurations. Fully customizable, the hotComm Panel Display allows multiple convenience links that can take attendees to any web-based content – your home page, PDF file or live person.

Large audiences require superior performance and reliability - conduct your virtual meetings using our highly optimized hosted Content Relay Manager. Content Relay is an unattended content forwarding solution designed to support hundreds or thousands of simultaneous hotComm sessions. Individual or multiple presenters connect from their desktops over a DSL or Cable connection. The Content Relay Manager handles bandwidth management and session controls to facilitate a smooth and trouble-free experience no matter what their connection method to the Internet. Security and access rights are rigorously enforced – open events are protected by passwords and all data streams are encrypted.

If you prefer, an optional on-line secure credit card processing feature facilitates “Pay Per View” events. Pricing for hotComm Webcast is based on the number of simultaneous connections, services used and number of days in use. You only pay for what you use!