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Trader Rooms

No one does it better! hotComm was the first on-line trading room product to support live multi-media based presentations. Being first allowed 1stWorks to add many features specific to professional and novice traders:

  • 2-way multi-channel VoIP
  • Multiple Live and Snap-Shot Presentation Modes
  • Multi-featured configurable chat
  • Session Recording with Quick Search Features
  • Supports Low-Bandwidth Connections
  • Fast Secure P2P and Session File Transfer
  • Moderator Controls

Optimized for fast throughput, hotComm high-speed servers manage all aspects of the session. Secure login, data encryption, bandwidth management and connection recovery will make your hotComm room a safe and reliable place for your trading partners to meet.

hotComm Trader Rooms are available in both a cost-effective client-licensed model and pay-for-use. If you add it all up no one does it better!