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Medical Imaging

1stWorks Enters the Online Diagnostic market with hotComm ImageView, enabling Real-Time virtual chart rounds

1stWorks Corporation has recently introduced an enhanced version of its hotComm Real-Time Collaboration suite for use by medical practitioners that require HIPAA compliance for security combined with diagnostic quality imaging communications for remote chart rounds and patient case-history online conferences.

With hotComm ImageView, all data streams between participants are encrypted with a 128-bit user defined encryption key that provides the medical team control of their patient data. HIPAA compliant security is one of the main considerations for any online transfer of sensitive data. In addition to the data streams, hotComm ImageView provides authentication and authorization services at the client and server that provides an additional level of data security.

Encryption is critically important but equally so is the totally accurate replication of the various diagnostic images used by physicians during their consultation, diagnosis and treatment process. hotComm ImageView provides a true pixel for pixel representation of the original image on the remote screens without loss of resolution. Various image sizes can be delivered to any number of connected Windows computers making real time multi-site collaboration a reality. Multi-channel VoIP audio is included as part of the feature allowing one-to-one or group conferences.

A major obstacle to the use of online technologies for case review has been HIPAA requirements prohibiting both patient records and image files to be stored on one system. hotComm ImageView supports multiple sessions so all VoIP and data streams can be directed into the same virtual conference room without any interim storage or forwarding of the content. Physicians, instructors and lab technicians can review both text information and charts at the same time. Selectable pointer and markup tools, along with the dynamic resizing of any image, provides for pinpoint accuracy in diagnosing the areas of concern.

As an added benefit, a secure shared data repository is optionally available so additional comments or case specific information can be shared either in the online session or offline as needed.

The price point per connection for hotComm ImageView is well below the cost of other online diagnostic systems that only provide serial file transfer capabilities and the entire system can be installed on a suitable Windows-Based Server in less than an hour by an organizations IT group.